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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Lament of The PC Slave - Part 1


That was the only word that could have described me well that day. Well, at least in the beginning. I speak of the day I had to relocate myself and my 1.5 year old, power hungry, albeit well maintained PC across the state, over a distance of 350 kilometers.
There it sat, taking up precious space on my table, my 48 kg heavy PC, looking at me with the one eyed look a pirate would give me.

“Let’s make a fool of you again today!!” it seemed to say to me. I decided to tackle the large behemoth with as much dexterity and audacity as I could muster. But as some wise-man-with-long-beard-sitting-on-a-hilltop once said, “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.”


That tangle of wires was determined to have a great time at the cost of my good health. 20 minutes later, my dad was shaking his head in utter disbelief at me. By the time my exasperated Dad could extricate me from the clutches of Mr.PeeCee, I had learnt new yoga positions. . . .

After Some Time . . .


With a long shred of industrial tape stuck to my index finger, and a very exasperated almost ready-to-drop-dead-exhausted neighbor, I managed to disembowel the machine’s body parts, and pack them into their respective boxes.
Finally, after 2 hours of sitting in a corner and figuring out what went where, we sat down and laughed like mad. It was a mirthless laugh, which was quite sad, really, coz that was the last time I would be seeing my favorite neighbor and a good friend.


Anyway, finally, Mr. PC was sniggering in the dark confines of one large box, while the other 2 boxes contained his other (vestigial) organs: A printer, UPS, Speakers, etc. . . .
The train was scheduled for 8.20 pm in the evening. . . .
That’s when the real problems began cropping up. . . . .
To Be Continued . . . . er . . Very Soon!


  1. Where you sending Mr. PeeCee? Poor him..He didnt wanna go so he tangled himself.. :(

  2. awww shit. I too u must b feeling bad. u get attach to much stuff. M so attch to my lap top which is now acting like a grandmother!!
    hw will u survive without pc???

  3. i guess ur 1.5 year old is getting elder..try gettin a lappyy in exchage ;) less probs :P


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