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Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to another RiverSoul Creation.

Hey guys,
This is my new Blog, aimed at the lighter side of the daily news.
I aim to make you guys atleast smile. . . If not Laugh Out Loud, scream with mirth, roll on the ground in helpless abandon, bang your heads against a wall (albeit a little softly), and what not.
Now like every other blog, there were reasons and factors that made this blog a reality.
I would like to thank . . . .
Vinay for having found a hilarious name for my not so hilarious blog.
Sachin for having helped out with the content choice and selection,
Airtel (which lies blissfully ignorant of the fact that i am enjoying complete unrestricted access to their fast Internet Services, without having a single penny in my prepaid account since the last 3 weeks;)( I aint stingy but i just wanna see how far this goes!)
And last but not the least, my sony ericsson phone, without which all this and more would'nt have existed.

Basically, In this blog 'o mine, i plan to let rip my views on everything under the sun, and some things which are. . . . Er. . . not enjoying the sunlight anymore.
So stick around, guys, and enjoy


  1. oops !! I am stuck and wont leave till u nxt post plzzz mk it fast ...

  2. @ the listener,
    Wow. . . My first reader already. . . . This just gets better and better . . . .
    Ya, be sure to login soon , like maybe in another 3 hours. . . . Just for you, i will post once.
    Thats how much i love my readers.


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