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Monday, July 7, 2008

From the Frying Pan into the fire?

Hi all,
In this world, there are silly, stupid and idiotic people. Then there are bonkers.
I say this after observing a video feed of an incident, which apparently happened in some Indonesian zoo.
The video starts off with our protagonist, probably a zoo keeper, in a crocodile cage.
He seems to be having a good time, poking and prodding at the (apparently)harmless reptile, who is actually just biding his time.
Then, the guy does something really insane. Probably an attempt at crowdpleasing, he puts his head Right between the croc's jaws. Now what happens next, is not unexpected. The poor croc, delighted at being offered lunch a few hours early, decides to tuck in, and attempts to rip our protagonist's coconut, right off his tree.
Unfortunately, for the croc, lunch is cancelled, and as for the beetle nut, He escapes BEING on the menu for the day, albeit with a few inch deep lovebites from our lovesick reptile.
Now we could almost hear the croc grumbling, as he was led away,. . . "what, he was asking for it... Just gr8, lunch just crawls into my mouth and i cant have it!
Whats this world coming to?"


  1. @ priya
    Thanx for your comment.
    Do visit again.

  2. poor croc
    The guy with such a nice idea of putting his head in between the jaws must really b having a spicy brain. LOL.
    If the croc reads this
    Hey Croc...Bettr Luck nxt time !!

  3. @ the listener,
    I dont know abt the pea brained guy, but the croc sure was disgruntled.
    Oh, and i sent him flowers,
    And conveyed your wishes too.
    Better luck nxt time, it is.
    Till then. . .
    See ya.

  4. hmmm...i agree with the listener...better luck next time indeed...!!! i donno who i feel more sorry for, the croc or the coconut...!!

  5. Er, can you feel sorry for a guy who puts his head willingly into a lions mouth. . . Er . . . Make that croc's mouth,and still expect to get away . . . ?
    There's food for thought. . . Not to the croc though . :)

  6. Maybe the guy was the croc's dentist!..didn't know they have funky yellow uniforms for docs in Indonesia! :D

  7. Daane daane pe likha hai khaanewaale ka naam.

  8. Hee hee.
    Archana, crocs have dentists called birds. Amazingly, the birds enter into the croc's mouth and feed on the bits of stuff (yuck) stuck between the teeth.
    They dont need a human dentist. They just need a human feeder. Or as in this case, a human to feed on.

  9. And solitare,
    So well said.
    Do visit my other blog too:)

  10. seriously!! the poor croc.. ;)

  11. Well didnt they inform the croc that Navratras and Ramzan was around the corner so better gear up for fasting....

  12. I guess they didn't, Chaggoholic...

  13. ha ha!! U put it so well!! Esp. the croc's thoughts.. lunch moves into my mouth and i cant have it! ;-

  14. i'm with the croc. he shouldn't have been denied his rightful pound of flesh (ahem, bad pun there)
    and silly, silly man :P

  15. where is this video available. please put it up. want to see what i read.

  16. Hello, kiran
    The pic you see is just a frame of the video.
    The original video is not in my possession, but you can fine it on youtube
    Just search head in "crocodile's mouth"

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious!! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  18. wow!
    such a lovely blog.i love the way you discribe all those in just some words.thanks for following my blog.thanks very much....

  19. Huh?

    I pity the Croc..
    but where did the sense in you go? :P

    Can I design a better header/template for this blog please? :O

  20. Ofcourse you may, Ayu
    But make sure that there's nothing in it abt a croc or a head or anything
    I never thought much of changing the template.....
    Go ahead,
    Lets see your teen-talent
    Send the header to spsiddharth007ATgmailDOTcom

  21. hehe thats funny. There's many a slip between the cup and the lip! - literally!

  22. aww poor poor croc!! :P

    hey i must say the header you made think tank was super!! great going... think you can do me a charity sometime?? :) lol! just kidding... great blog and awesome content! :)

    wishing you a very happy new year in advance :)

  23. hey hi... :)

    im blogrolling you.. hope you dont mind!! :)

  24. hey man's too skeptical...i mean is it wot called inhumane dat da man was nt havin how it feels after keepin away da food outta da mouth..n wel if he was an animal lover den not 2 implement da normal way of providing food..
    for the shake ov appalause only one can go 2 such stupid extreme..
    a big shit 2 dat man..
    dis kinda happenings shuld fully be abused by the visitors rahther than taking fun outta dat..
    neways thx 4 bringin into sight..
    go on!!!!!

  25. :) wow!! great writing!!
    very good ending !!
    dont believe the crocodile tears in life too ;)

  26. Thank you all, for your views.
    Next post coming up soon

  27. Quite some picture!!!
    greetings from Scandinavia, Sarah sofia


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