The Light Seekers!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Lament of The PC Slave - Part 1


That was the only word that could have described me well that day. Well, at least in the beginning. I speak of the day I had to relocate myself and my 1.5 year old, power hungry, albeit well maintained PC across the state, over a distance of 350 kilometers.
There it sat, taking up precious space on my table, my 48 kg heavy PC, looking at me with the one eyed look a pirate would give me.

“Let’s make a fool of you again today!!” it seemed to say to me. I decided to tackle the large behemoth with as much dexterity and audacity as I could muster. But as some wise-man-with-long-beard-sitting-on-a-hilltop once said, “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.”


That tangle of wires was determined to have a great time at the cost of my good health. 20 minutes later, my dad was shaking his head in utter disbelief at me. By the time my exasperated Dad could extricate me from the clutches of Mr.PeeCee, I had learnt new yoga positions. . . .

After Some Time . . .


With a long shred of industrial tape stuck to my index finger, and a very exasperated almost ready-to-drop-dead-exhausted neighbor, I managed to disembowel the machine’s body parts, and pack them into their respective boxes.
Finally, after 2 hours of sitting in a corner and figuring out what went where, we sat down and laughed like mad. It was a mirthless laugh, which was quite sad, really, coz that was the last time I would be seeing my favorite neighbor and a good friend.


Anyway, finally, Mr. PC was sniggering in the dark confines of one large box, while the other 2 boxes contained his other (vestigial) organs: A printer, UPS, Speakers, etc. . . .
The train was scheduled for 8.20 pm in the evening. . . .
That’s when the real problems began cropping up. . . . .
To Be Continued . . . . er . . Very Soon!

Monday, July 7, 2008

From the Frying Pan into the fire?

Hi all,
In this world, there are silly, stupid and idiotic people. Then there are bonkers.
I say this after observing a video feed of an incident, which apparently happened in some Indonesian zoo.
The video starts off with our protagonist, probably a zoo keeper, in a crocodile cage.
He seems to be having a good time, poking and prodding at the (apparently)harmless reptile, who is actually just biding his time.
Then, the guy does something really insane. Probably an attempt at crowdpleasing, he puts his head Right between the croc's jaws. Now what happens next, is not unexpected. The poor croc, delighted at being offered lunch a few hours early, decides to tuck in, and attempts to rip our protagonist's coconut, right off his tree.
Unfortunately, for the croc, lunch is cancelled, and as for the beetle nut, He escapes BEING on the menu for the day, albeit with a few inch deep lovebites from our lovesick reptile.
Now we could almost hear the croc grumbling, as he was led away,. . . "what, he was asking for it... Just gr8, lunch just crawls into my mouth and i cant have it!
Whats this world coming to?"

Welcome to another RiverSoul Creation.

Hey guys,
This is my new Blog, aimed at the lighter side of the daily news.
I aim to make you guys atleast smile. . . If not Laugh Out Loud, scream with mirth, roll on the ground in helpless abandon, bang your heads against a wall (albeit a little softly), and what not.
Now like every other blog, there were reasons and factors that made this blog a reality.
I would like to thank . . . .
Vinay for having found a hilarious name for my not so hilarious blog.
Sachin for having helped out with the content choice and selection,
Airtel (which lies blissfully ignorant of the fact that i am enjoying complete unrestricted access to their fast Internet Services, without having a single penny in my prepaid account since the last 3 weeks;)( I aint stingy but i just wanna see how far this goes!)
And last but not the least, my sony ericsson phone, without which all this and more would'nt have existed.

Basically, In this blog 'o mine, i plan to let rip my views on everything under the sun, and some things which are. . . . Er. . . not enjoying the sunlight anymore.
So stick around, guys, and enjoy